Q&A; Here is a list of frequently asked questions by our customers on our products.


Q: What lashes are suitable for my eye shape?

A: When it comes to eyelashes, it all depends on your preference on what look you're going for. Many styles work best for different eye shapes, and our VK Lash Guide on our website is where you can see a list of our lash styles recommended for your eye shape.

Click the link below to find out our recommendations on our custom lash guide.

VK Lash Guide


Q: My lashes keep popping off in the inner and outer corners of my eyes; how can I fix it?

A: Lashes will pop off in the inner and outer corners when not trimmed according to your eyes' width measurements. We usually suggest cutting on the outer corners starting with one knot at a time, until you are satisfied with the length and comfort. 


Q: My Fast Lash Adhesive liner is not sticky. Isn't it like regular lash glue?

A: Our Fast Lash adhesive line is an innovative design. It is not like regular lash glue and is a pressure adhesive that bonds our stip lashes with slight pressure on application. It may sound so unreal, but it serves, and it's a total game changer!

Below are suggestions and tips for everyone to maximize their results with the fantastic lash adhesive dream.


Tips & Suggestions

  • Make sure your lashes are trimmed according to the width of your eyes. 
  • Avoid applying too close to your inner corner near your tear ducts, as moisture is inevitable in that area. It will cause your lashes to pop off, as well on the outer corners if it is applied too close. Why wouldn't you want comfort while you effortlessly bat your lashes, babe! 
  • We've noticed that applying Fast Lash in small amounts of product layer by layer works like a charm.
  • Make sure to shake your product well like any cosmetic liner.
  • Another tip that works great is applying some of the Fast Lash onto your lash strip for better hold.
  • Everyone's body temperature is different. Apply according to when you feel it is dry. The standard dry time is up to 10 seconds. It's not like lash glue, where it must feel tacky or slightly wet to bond. Fast Lash bonds on dry with and a slight pressure application with your favourite lashes.